Travels with my Harley

and, sometimes, other two-wheeled machines

About Us

My name is David and I am an Englishman abroad. I came to Prague to work in 1992 – and I am still there.

I grew up in a small village, just north of Luton, in England, that was poorly served by public transport. On my 16th birthday, I first climbed (legally) onto a moped and that moment changed my whole life. It did something more than my original intention, which was to get me out of the village and into town. It set me on a path that has, so far, entailed ownership of 58 different motorcycles of various marques, the rental or just borrowing of numerous others and which has seen, at the time of writing, over 1.2 million miles of tarmac disappear behind my rear tyre.

A slipped disc in the late 1980s meant I was told that my motorcycling days were over and, indeed, for many years, I restricted myself to short-term holiday rentals or day trips on borrowed machines. However, in 2006, I fulfilled a lifetime ambition to ride Route 66 – and I did it on a rented Harley-Davidson. It is fair to say I have not looked back since then and, at this moment, I have two Harleys of my own.

When you buy a Harley-Davidson, you enter a life.

My wife Lucie, who I married in 2003, is Czech. She was born in Prague and, growing up in the times of hardline communism, her opportunities to travel outside of the Communist Bloc were virtually non-existent. There was still some fun to be had in the “bloc” though and she had it. She has always been a hiker and she still owns 50% of a Simpson moped.

When we bought our first Harley, she embraced the possibilities it offered with both hands. Lucie has a scientific doctorate and is the practical brains in our partnership. I dream it up – she does the planning that makes it happen.

Together, we run a small business which does tend to restrict our time. As a consequence, we ride our own Harleys around our immediate environs, but for further flung trips we tend to fly somewhere and rent one. This not only serves to cut out the pre and post-adventure trek on a motorway, but also gives us the chance to try other types of Harley and see what is new.

Lucie keeps a journal of our travels and most of the blurb on this site is an amalgam of her jottings and my thoughts. There is a personal edge to them, based upon our individual experiences and perspectives.

We do not presume to pretend the writings on here are definitive. Whenever we are looking to go somewhere, we do look around to see how others did it. It has led us to some interesting things and, just as importantly, occasionally prevented us from making significant mistakes.

If anyone reading what is on here benefits even in the slightest from it, we will be glad.

For the record, unless we end up getting lucky, nobody sponsors us to do things or pays us to say stuff. If we like something, we say so – and if we do not like something, we say that too.

One final note

I take as I find – and I speak and write as I think. Occasionally, this might lead me outside of the bounds of so called “Political Correctness”. In these times, every single adjective seems to carry the possibility of offence to somebody. If you read something in these pages you do not like, please remember, there is no intended malice in anything written here towards anyone whatsoever.

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