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The “Sportster Challenge” – 2021

Saturday October 9th, 2021 I am not, by nature, a particularly competitive person – at least against other people. I am a little bit inclined though, to compete against myself. I get a kind of thrill, I suppose, about more or less obliging myself to do things beyond what I would prefer to do. I […]

Prague, Czech Republic to the Hotel Avalon, Landstuhl, Germany

Wednesday 14th September, 2022 Distance ridden 631 kilometres In mid 2019, one of my oldest friends purchased a holiday cottage in Normandy and suggested many times that we should go and visit him there. Because we were about to embark upon our odyssey in Australia (see details elsewhere) we tentatively pencilled it in for 2020. […]

Landstuhl, Germany to Budget Accommodation ibis, Le Mans, France

Thursday, September 15th, 2022 Distance ridden 673 kilometres I woke up early, feeling fairly refreshed, but pretty stiff in every joint. As is my practice, I went out for a walk before breakfast during which I think I saw all the interesting parts of Landstuhl – and it was not a long walk. Of course, […]

Le Mans to Hotel An Ti Gwenn, Carnac

Friday 16th September, 2022 Distance ridden 414 kilometres In the morning I woke up very early and went for a walk around the immediate area. It was actually quite pleasant,  mainly small industrial units in streets linked by faster roads and roundabouts. Think Milton Keynes and you will be able to visualise it. A bit […]

Carnac to L’Abbaye Blanche, Mortain-Bocage (actually Le Neufbourg)

Saturday 17th September, 2022 Distance ridden 291 kilometres You will not believe it – I woke up early ! Of course, if you read all this stuff you will know I usually do, but I was very excited by the prospect of catching the sunrise over the alignments. I dressed quickly and quietly and I […]

Liège Airport, Belgium to B and B Hotel, Chemnitz, Germany

Monday 19th September, 2022 Distance ridden 696 kilometres I woke up feeling very refreshed and a quick glance out of the window revealed that it was no longer raining. There was a large area of tarmac right outside the hotel so I dressed quietly and went out for a walk. Once out of the hotel, […]

Chemnitz, Germany to Prague, Czech Republic

Tuesday 20th September, 2022 Distance ridden 176 kilometres Of course, I got up and took an early walk around the Chemnitz Old Town centre. It is the classic German mixture of ancient and modern. There was a statue – high up on a pole. There are some quite nice parts and the Town Hall, as […]

Penzion / Bistro Lívanec

In our travels around on the Harley, particularly in the Prague area, Lucie and I always keep our eyes peeled for “likely” looking places where we can stop for lunch when we are out for our rides. A full car park is not always an indicator that the food and/or service is great. A lot […]

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride – Prague – 2022

Sunday, May 22nd, 2022 The (sadly, now deceased) singer Meatloaf once issued a song called “Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad“. A noble enough ballad, maybe, but what about just ONE out of THREE ? A few times in the recent past, I had heard mention of something called the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride but, although […]


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